10 places you must visit in the USA before dying

10 places you must visit in the USA before dying

One of the most talked countries in the world is United States (USA), no matter what country you are, it´s very likely that most people will always talk about this part of the planet. Therefore, if you want to travel to USA, you can´t miss these 10 places that every traveler should do if he goes to USA

1.- Disney World (USA – Florida)

It´s impossible that, if you go to the Neil Amstrom´s country, you can´t miss the magical Mickey Mouse World. Like everyone, maybe in your childhood, you’ve probably wanted to live in this fabulous part of North America; therefore, if at some point in your life you have the opportunity to go and for those things in life you couldn´t have the opportunity to live this magical world when you were a child, don´t deprive yourself. Your inner child, always but always, will thank you.

2.- International Level Political Institutions. – (USA – Washington)

It´s the capital of the United States (USA) that was named in the name of the president, George Washington. – off course!! – Here you can visit the United States Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and be in the most important city in the world politically speaking. In the district you can meet the most important institutions in the world such as the World Bank, IMF, the OAS and the IDB, among other international organizations. And without a doubt you can´t miss going to The White House.

3.- The Statue of Liberty (USA – New York)

The most important symbol in the United States (USA), is located in New York. Representing the symbol of freedom and independence, it is one of the most visited sites by all tourists from around the world.

4.- Golden Gate Bridge (USA – San Francisco) 

The most impressive bridge in the USA, located in California, was built between 1933 and 1937. The suspension bridge is striking for its great length which can be enjoyed either walking, cycling or car.

5.- The Nigara Waterfalls (USA – New York)  

Who has not heard of the impressive Cataráta del Niagara in the United States (USA) A most romantic place, in which newly married couples spend a beautiful evening accompanied by that majestic landscape in one of the restaurants in New York.

6.- Central Park (USA – New York)

Located in the metropolitan district of ManhattanUSA, in New York, it´s one of the most visited tourist places thanks to its beautiful landscape, artificial lakes and ice rinks. Well known because Hollywood has made this place an epic setting for many of his films, such as Spiderman 3, Night in the Museum, Friends with benefits, Wall Street, The Avengers, Léon: The Professional, among many others.

7.- Las Vegas (USA – Nevada)  

It´s the largest city in the entire state of Nevada and is well known throughout the planet thanks to its casinos and for being the city that never fails to shine, for its lights that shine 24/7 even from space. It is known as: “The city of second chances” “The city of sin” “The Capital of Global Understanding” and among many more like the famous phrase: “What happens in Las Vegas, is in Las Vegas”. Undoubtedly with that great description, I don´t think anyone wants to visit this epic city of the USA.

8.- Times Square (USA – New York)

It is the most visited area of ​​the entire New York subway complex. It had the first name “42nd Street”. Times Square is a platform for metros in New York. It was since 2008 that this area had an increase in tourists, which made it one of the busiest places in the USA, by tourists to this day.

9.- National Parks of the Great Smoky Mountains (USA – Tennesse)

This incredible creation of nature is located between Tennesse and Northern California (USA). The National Parks of the Great Smoky Mountains are part of the Montes Azules and these two in turn are divisions of the Appalachian Mountains. Also known as the ancient land of the Cherokee Indians, it´s also one of the most visited places by tourists in the USA. It´s more to say the why, right? Simply amazing.

10.- Mount Rushmore, Keystone (USA – South Dakota)  

One of the most emblematic monuments in the United States, was carved between 1927 and 1941. In the impressive sculpture with more than 18 meters high, the presidents are eternally symbolized: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. A monument that was built to symbolize the beginning, growth, development and preservation of a new and powerful just and symbolic nation. With an extension of 5.17km2, the majestic monument represents those first 150 years in the history of the USA.



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