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One of the most difficult exercises is undoubtedly the abdominal part. Many times because the vast majority of these exercises are quite tedious and at other times many people who execute them stop working basically because they either do the exercises correctly or because they do not perform different exercises for different areas and see no results. So here we bring you 5 exercises for your abs.


First of all you should know that the first exercise for abs is to do cardio. You must always understand that you must eliminate fat from your body and for that you need to train to burn fat. As always, the best exercise for you as you can do at home is the rope. If you want to train at home here are 5 types of exercise you can train at home | fitness

1.- Squats:

It may sound mind-boggling but definitely doing squats is the best fitness exercises to work the lower abs.

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Not many people use the wheel to train abs but it really is the best of all because it works very fast your abdominal area. The correct way to perform the exercise is always with the back straight from the beginning to the end of the exercise. Therefore, you must know that to get a good job is to perform the exercise correctly and thus avoid injuries.

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3.-Collapse abdominal area:

Work in the abdominal area is very difficult and above all to reduce that area in size, so it is important that when doing the exercises you should get your abs with your arms and legs on the floor.

4.- Laying on the floor:

To flatten the stomach and shape it, this type of abs exercise in different forms really will help you a lot.

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5.- Abs / Plank

With the plank you will be able to work your definition and fat burning. Being for a permanent time in this way you will be able to stretch your muscles for a prolonged time with which you can gradually have that area of ​​the abdomen enviably. Here we leave you a challenge so that you can do it


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