How to make my body super fit? Here 6 tips

Many times we see fitness stars and we always wonder, how to achieve such spectacular results? And we are always thinking as if, who would not want to be like this, right? So here we bring you 6 tips to make your body super fit.


1.- Cardio 

Always to be able to achieve a spectacular body is necessary to do a lot but a lot of cardio, with this you´ll lose a lot of fat and that’s just what your body needs to be fit.

2.- Weights 

If you do not want to do weights because you think it’s something that will make you look very feminine, the best way to do it is when you squat. The idea of ​​carrying lots of weight is important because it helps to speed up the metabolism and with it, you will be able to burn more fat, faster.

3.- Proteins

It´s also very important that you keep your muscles strong, therefore, proteins. The type of protein, can be, banana, parboiled egg, fish, chicken, among other things.

4.- Focus on molding 

It is important that you focus on body fat and shape it based on your vision. Do not focus on your weight, concentrate on burning all possible fats. With this achieve body definition.

5.-Be measurable

Always in your training works on numbers and everything that is measurable. For that,  your training needs to be as accurate as possible and always know how many repetitions, weight and time you do in everything, so that you can always look for improvements or mistakes.

6. Eat when you are hungry …

Always eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Many people always rely on not to eat or ingest more than their diet tells them but that is not always advisable because if your wasting is more, you will really need mor people to recover your energy. The idea is that you achieve a fit body, not that you die or get sick.

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