3 exercises to do cardio and not fail

If what you want is burn fat, there are many ways but not all are good options. Like going out to run lot of miles under rain or on a sunny and hot day, buying all the gymnasium machines in your house or to try to go every day to the gym and still not achieve anything. So, the problem may not be you or your genetic, the problem probably could be your strategy and the options you use to train.

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1.- Rope

Definitely one of the best exercises you can do to burn calories. The reason is because you can do it anywhere, from a park to your house or apartment. Besides working cardio, it helps you in a great way to keep your muscles strong and defined. Many celebrities in the world use it from artists, fitness muses to boxers

2.- Tae Bo

It really is something you can do in the comfort of your home and you can go raising the intensity of training just by watching the videos on YouTube. With Billy Blanks.

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3.- Spinning

It is a very good option when you want burning fat. Also, if you buy a spinner byke at home, is the best you can do. When training always do it in front of your TV or monitor watching the series, music video or movie that you like. This gives you more resistence is because according scientific studies, while one entertains the mind and does not focus on training, it results in your resistance increase, incredible, don´t you think?

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